Mounting on a fence of a house of 12 rolls of artificial hedge 100% national to cover the mesh simple twisting between neighbors and to be able to have more privacy in the garden.

The front fence has been raised to 1,5m high and the two side fences have also been kept at 1m high.
The client has decided to place our National hedge since a neighbor of the community also placed it last week and it has been fantastic.
In this house is being made small reforms including the change of fencing and the placement of artificial hedge of quality, to increase its value and attract potential buyers.
Actually after seeing the photographs of the previous state of the fence and the result acquired once mounted our 100% national artificial hedge, it is spectacular and looks like a meadow of natural green grass, the garden and housing charge quality wherever you look and enhance The value of the property.
The neighbors once seen the result of the artificial hedge green in the fence of Mrs. Merce, we have been asked for a budget to cover our hedges with artificial hedges and remove the existing hedge worn to give greater value to housing..














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